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Avv. Paola Corte

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Avv. Paola Corte

Paola Corte was born in Milan on January 2, 1978.


She is a lawyer at the Milan Bar Association.  


She is Adjunct Professor at Luiss Business School, where she teaches Food Law Elements in the "Food and Wine Business" Master.  

She is a Council member of the European Food Law Association (EFLA) since 2018.   

Languages ​​spoken: Italian (native speaker), English (native speaker), French

Paola Corte graduated from the University of Milan and immediately began practicing law at Studio Legale Corte,  focusing her work in the field of food law since the beginning of her career.   

Paola Corte offers legal advice related to the production, distribution and administration of food and beverages and similar products. She checks  the legal compliance of  food composition, production techniques, labelling and advertising.  The same activity is carried out for food related products (such as materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs) and other consumer goods (pet food, toys, etc.)

Paola Corte carries out defensive activity in the courts, both by challenging regulatory sanctions imposed by supervisory bodies on food business operators, and by defending defendants in criminal proceedings relating to the production, marketing and administering of food and beverages, and other  consumer goods.

Paola Corte has held several courses for food business operators on food law and food labeling.  She is regularly asked to be a speaker or chair for national and international food-related conferences.

Aerobatic airplane pilot, Paola Corte has won the Italian Aerobatics Championship Cat. Sportsman in 2001. She has been a member of the National Aerobatics Team Cat. Advanced for several years. For her sporting results, she was awarded by CONI with the bronze medal for athletic value in 2004. Paola has collaborated with VFR Aviation magazine writing about airsports and aerobatics, and managed the website up to 2018.