Today, the European Commission has adopted the new rules on labelling the origin of the primary ingredient in food which were endorsed by a vote by the Member States. 

Accordino ti tue Commission, the new regulation will ensure a high level of transparency, providing EU citizens with clear information about the origin of food sold on the EU market. 

Under EU Regulation 1169/2011 on food information to consumers (FIC), the origin of primary ingredient must be indicated if different from the origin of the food in order to not deceive consumers and to harmonise the presentation of such information.

There will be a certain level of flexibility for food business operators in order to take into account the various methods of food processing. The legislation will apply from 1 April 2020. 

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Studio Legale Corte was recognized Food Law firm of the Year for the second consecutive year at the Italian Legalcommunity awards 2018.The jury established that "Studio Legale Corte is a law firm strongly dedicated to food law. Their clients say it is one of the most renowned law firms for Food Law. Its strengths are the experience and the deep knowledge of the retail market" ".

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Paola Corte and Elena Corte will be both speakers at the IVth Interdisciplinary Congress on Food Safety "Law and Food Safety" organized by the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, in Ravenna.

The Congress will be held on May 18-19th, 2018 at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Ravenna.

Paola Corte, given the applicability of Legislative Decree 231/17 starting May 9, 2018, will focus on regulatory sanctions related to the infringement of EU Reg. 1169/2011.

Elena Corte will address recurrent HACCP issues and will speak about appeals against the penalties for HACCP violations.

During the conference other topics of interest will be discussed, such as the problematic aspects of the new European regulation on organic products.

The congress includes three sessions: one on the morning of May 18 from 10-13.30, one in the afternoon from 15-18, and one on May 19 from 9.30-13.30.

The congress is accredited at the Ravenna’s Bar association for continuing education. Participation is free upon registration.

Session I

Session II

Congresso Ravenna Law and food Safety

Session III

Congresso Ravenna, law and food safety, studio legale corte, Avv. Paola Corte

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