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In November 2018 the Studio Legale Corte obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification for the provision of legal, judicial and extrajudicial services in the areas of specialization of the Firm (food law, environmental law, commercial and industrial criminal law).

The journey to achieve this goal lasted over a year. It involved the creation of a management system for the quality of the firm's internal procedures.

In Studio Legale Corte all the lawyers have always worked in team on all the clients and on all the problems. This kind of teamwork is possible thanks to decades of acquaintance and collaboration of the attorneys. In fact, every member of the firm has grown professionally in Studio Legale Corte, dealing mainly with food law from the apprenticeship. Teamwork allows the firm's partners to confront each other on every issue, enhancing the experience and expertise of each lawyer in every area. In this way we guarantee the clients constant assistance that is the result of all the professional experience of the Firm.

With the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification, the Firm wanted to equip itself with a management system for the quality of its internal procedures, based on team-work, sharing and comparison.

We trust that the certification of our work processes will allow each of the professionals of the Firm to further increase their skills, while providing a better service to our clients.

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The 22nd EFLA International Scientific Congress ‘Harmonisation or re-nationalisation. New paradigms for EU Food Law' will be held in Hamburg, Germany, on 20th & 21st September 2018.

EFLA 2018 Congress

Over the past 30 years, the European Union has taken a fairly consistent path in the development and application of food law. It now seems to be at a crossroads and the future direction of travel may differ from the past. There would appear to be a growing move towards re-nationalisation of food law, rather than harmonisation. The potential implications of this for those operating within the EU market are significant.

This Congress will aim to highlight those areas where this shift is currently most apparent, address the existing and potential future impact, and discuss what this means for the future evolution of EU food law.

After a brief introduction by EFLA's President, Andreas Natterer, and the keynote speech by Mr. Stephan Nießner, President of BLL (German Federation for Food Law and Food Science), the congress will address various areas of food law.

Session I, chaired by Mr. Vicente Rodriguez Fuentes, Legal Agrifood Abogados, will deal with the RASFF system and the different approaches in the member states.

Session II, chaired by Paola Corte, Studio Legale Corte, will address Enforcement in the EU and the different control measures in the member states.

Session III, chaired by Mr. Christian Ballke, Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte, will analyze some aspects of e-commerce,

Session IV, chaired by Ms. Angelika Mrohs, BLL, will present several interesting case studies in food labelling.

To see the full program of the Congress, click here.

About EFLA

The European Food Law Association (EFLA) is an international non-profit making organisation that has as its essential goal to study and to promote Food Law, as well as to contribute to its development and to its international harmonisation under conditions taking into account at the same time its specificity, its interdisciplinary nature and its special function, the protection of the consumers.

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Aggiornamento: 24 apr 2019

Studio Legale Corte received another award as Food Law Firm of the Year 2018 at LeFonti awards. This is the second consecutive year in which this recognition has been assigned by LeFonti to the food lawyers of Studio Legale Corte.

The reason is the following:

Studio Legale Corte is confirmed to be the reference food law firm for the major producers and importers of the Food & Beverages, Gdo and collective catering sectors. For the deep knowledge and the ability to anticipate the most current aspects of food law, thanks to the activity of counseling and defense.

The award of LeFonti adds on to the award as Food Law Firm of the Year 2018 obtained by Studio Legale Corte at the Legalcommunity awards ceremony in May this year.

The award ceremony was held in Milan on June 21st at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the Italian Stock Exchange.

Here are some photos of the evening.

Studio Legale Corte is the food law firm of the year

Studio Legale Corte is the food law firm of the year

Studio Legale Corte is the food law firm of the year

Studio Legale Corte is the food law firm of the year 2018

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