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We focus on the consumer and the principles of the Mediterranean diet. Consumers have the right to be informed correctly and our food excellence cannot be penalized by a traffic light. The promotion of healthy eating habits requires a multidisciplinary approach, centered on the concept of 'healthy diet'. NutrInform is our alternative to Nutriscore, but it is far better. It is not penalizing, it does not give licenses for good or bad: it informs.

These are the words with which the Italian Minister for Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova, announces the signature of the decree introducing the optional nutritional logo called "NutrInform Battery".

The "NutrInform Battery" logo is an optional logo that aims at making the mandatory nutritional information pursuant to Reg. (EC) no. 1169/2011 more easily comprehensible for the consumer.

Nutrinform Battery
Nutrinform Battery

How it will work:

The logo indicates amounts of the energy, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content present in a single portion of food.

The "battery" symbol indicates the percentage of energy, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt provided by the single portion compared to the recommended daily intake.

For this purpose, operators must refer to the Reference Intakes, i.e. the recommended average daily quantities of energy and nutrients, indicated in Annex XIII of Regulation (EU) no. 1169/2011.

The indication in the "battery" symbol should therefore allow the consumer to understand how much a given food contributes, with its nutrients, to the daily needs of a reference adult.  This is expressed in percentages. 

The scope of the decree will exclude two types of products: food packaged in packaging or containers with the largest surface measuring less than 25 cm²; and PDO, PGI and TSG products referred to in Regulation (EU) no. 1151/2012, allegedly due to the risk that further logos could prevent the consumer from recognizing the quality mark. 

The size of the logo, colors and other technical details for printing will be made public in a user manual that will be made available to operators.

Food business operators who intend to use the "NutrInform Battery" logo must inform the Ministry of Health - Directorate General for hygiene and food safety and nutrition, in a manner that will be subsequently communicated.  FBOs who voluntarily apply the "NutrInform Battery" nutritional logo undertake to gradually extend its use to all products belonging to the same product category.

When it will be applicable

The provision has not yet been published in the Official Journal. The press release only announces the signature by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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"Thanks to its strong expertise in the field, the Corte Legale team was the most reported in the area of ​​activity dedicated to food. The market unanimously recognizes them as a real excellence in this area. " With this motivation, the Legalcommunity jury awarded Studio Legale Corte as Studio of the Food Year for the fourth consecutive year. The award ceremony took place virtually on June 11th, 2020.

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Legal500 has published its 2020 EMEA rankings on April 15, 2020. The Industry focus: Food section features Studio Legale Corte as top tier firm. Both Elena Corte and Paola Corte were ranked "leading individuals". It is the client testimonials, however, that are particularly flattering.

Below is an extract of the report and the testimonials. Read what Legal500 and our clients say about us.

Studio Legale Corte

'Experts in food law', Studio Legale Corte specialises exclusively in food law, advising on food composition, production, labelling, advertising and hygiene. The firm also defends clients in criminal cases and challenges regulatory sanctions. Elena Corte combines 'in-depth knowledge and strong problem-solving skills' with her expertise in commercial fraud cases, while Paola Corte is recognised for her 'high level of competence' in the technical and legal aspects of food production. Clients include a number of large and mid-sized retail and production companies, restaurant chains and associations, some of which have maintained partnerships with the firm for over 20 years.


  • ‘We are a company that works in the large-scale retail trade and our needs are perfectly matched with the firm’s skills, both in terms of technical knowledge of the sector and precision and attention in compliance with deadlines.’

  • ‘The team has complete skills in the field and gives complete and quick answers to every legal issue.’

  • ‘Competence and speed in responding to the questions submitted.’

  • ‘In this particular sector I believe Studio Corte is simply the best in the country.‘

  • ‘The team has a great expertise in food law matters as consultant and all the team members are excellent lawyers in representing the company in front of the courts. It’s rare to find both skills in a single law firm.‘

  • ‘Short response time; high quality advice and always to the point (no unnecessary lengthy explanations); very flexible in pricing.’

  • Paola Corte’s high level of competence is very clear every time she manages any of our consulting requests, providing the best alternative and the best solution for our company. Her polite authority is always expressed with grace and sympathy.‘

  • ‘It’s a pleasure to work with Elena Corte. She is a very competent lawyer. A very important thing that distinguishes her from some other lawyers is that she spends a lot of time to give us detailed explanations on the legal aspects so that we understand what’s happening and what could happen. We definitely trust her.’

  • ‘Many firms claim to be experts in food law, only few deserve this qualification, and Studio Legale Corte is one of them.’

  • ‘Marco Dallavalle: professional, clear in the explanation and consequent resolution of the problems we submitted.’

  • ‘We work above all with Elena Corte, and we have had the opportunity to appreciate on various occasions her professionalism, availability and her clear way of dealing with and explaining the various details.‘

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