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Studio Legale Corte is an Italian law firm that specializes in food law. Studio Legale Corte was founded in Genoa in 1921 by Andrea Corte (1898-1971), who began the activity by dealing with the legal problems of the olive oil industry. The business was then continued by Lorenzo Corte (1917-1995), who specialized in food law, the branch of law which regulates the production and distribution of foodstuff.  In 1970, the firm moved its offices to Milan, where Andrea Corte, today’s managing partner,  began to work. 

The firm offers legal assistance to foodstuff and consumer goods producers and importers, as well as large scale retailers, the catering industry and trade associations. The defense activity and the legal counseling are performed throughout the entire country.

Today Studio Legale Corte has four partners: Andrea Corte, Elena Corte, Paola Corte and Marco Dallavalle.  Elena Corte and Paola Corte, native English speakers, manage international clients.  

The firm cooperates on a regular basis with its network of experts in various subjects (foodstuff chemistry, microbiology, etc.) related to food law for the preparation of defensive activity. 

In recent years, Studio Legale Corte has been ranked Top Tier and awarded as Food law firm of the Year several times by specialized magazines in the sector.  Paola Corte and Elena Corte have both been ranked as leading individuals in international directories.

According to Forbes Italia, Studio Legale Corte is one of the top 100 Italian legal leaders.  

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In 2018 Studio Legale Corte obtained the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the provision of legal, judicial and extrajudicial services, in the areas of specialization of the Firm (food law, environmental law, commercial and industrial criminal law).