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Avv. Elena Corte

Elena Corte was born in Milan on  March 27, 1975. She is a lawyer registered in the Milan Bar Association.  

Languages ​​spoken: Italian (native speaker), English (native speaker), French

Elena Corte graduated from the University of Milan and immediately began practicing at the Studio Legale Corte, concentrating her activity on food law.


Elena Corte assists all types of food business operators. She is specialized in crimes related to the production, marketing, distribution  and administration of food products. The most commonly contested food offenses are commercial fraud, selling and administering food in poor state of conservation, altered, or with microbioogical charges beyond permitted limits, the sale of non-genuine foods and the trading of counterfeit, adulterated or harmful food substances.


In addition, Elena Corte assists food companies in challenging regulatory sanctions related to the marketing of food and beverages, breaches of HACCP procedures, and issues related to labeling and advertisement of foodstuff, related products and other consumer goods.

In assisting food companies and large scale retailers, Elena Corte has developed specific expertise in dealing with regulatory offenses and sanctions related Environmental Matters (waste, discharges, etc.) as well as other sectors related to Food law (toys, feed, materials to come into contact with food, etc.).

Elena Corte assists companies in product withdrawal, and recall, RASFF procedures due to health hazards for consumers. She has wide experience in the management of crises with important media resonance. 

Elena Corte’s criminal law expertise also enables her to assist in the drafting of executive proxies for delegations of power within food company structures.

Aerobatic airplane pilot, Elena Corte won the Italian Aerobatics Championship Advanced category in 2000 and has been a member of the Italian National Team of Aerobatics from 1999 to 2006; She won a bronze medal at the 2006 in the European Championship Unlimited category; In 2002,  for sporting results, the CONI awarded Elena Corte with the Bronze Medal for Athletic Value.