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Studio Legale Corte is a Food Law Firm:

Studio Legale Corte is an Italian boutique law firm specialized in food law and related matters.  The partners of Studio Legale Corte are all extremely experienced food lawyers.  

Studio Legale Corte assists companies producing and importing food and beverages, large-scale retailers, mass caterers, and trade associations in the food sector.  

The defensive activity and the consultancy are carried out throughout the national territory.  

Studio Legale Corte avails itself of experts in the various sectors related to food law (food chemistry, microbiology, commodities, etc.), who usually collaborate with lawyers in preparing the defense of the clients.

Our History: 
we have been dealing with food law for 100 years

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Studio Legale Corte was founded in Genoa in 1921 by Avv. Andrea Corte (1898-1971), who started the business dealing with the problems of the oil industry. 

The activity continued with Avv. Lorenzo Corte (1917-1995), who began to deal organically with the subject of food law: the law relating to the production and distribution of food. 

In 1970 the Studio Legale Corte moved its offices to Milan. 

Andrea Corte, the current managing partner, continues the family business together with two of his four children: Avv. Elena Corte and Avv. Paola Corte. 

Studio Legale Corte currently has four partners: Avv. Andrea Corte, Avv. Dallavalle, Avv. Elena Corte and Avv. Paola Corte. 

The two partners Elena Corte and Paola Corte, being native speakers of English, assist international clients

Our commitment to certified quality

Studio Legale Corte has obtained the  UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2015 quality certification  for the provision of legal, judicial and extrajudicial services, in the areas of specialization of the Firm: food law, environmental law, commercial and industrial criminal law



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