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Studio Legale Corte is an Italian law firm that specializes in food law.  

The firm offers legal assistance to  producers, importers, and large scale retailers of food & beverages, and other consumer goods, as well as to the catering industry

The defense activity and the legal counseling are performed throughout the entire country.

In 2018 Studio Legale Corte obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the provision of legal, judicial and extrajudicial services, in the areas of specialization of the Firm (food law, environmental law, commercial and industrial criminal law).

Forbes Italia listed Studio Legale Corte as one of the top 100 Italian leaders of strategic, legal and tax consulting in 2019 and as one of the 100 Legal Leaders in 2020.  

Studio Legale Corte has been ranked Top Tier in the EMEA 2020   directory, section Industry Focus: food by Legal 500 - the world's largest legal referral guide- and both Paola Corte and Elena Corte have been ranked as leading individuals.  

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Studio Legale Corte is an Italian law firm which specializes in food law.   The continuous evolution of the laws, along with the technical knowledge that is required to deal with food related legal issues, make food law a particularly complex subject.   Studio Legale Corte's partners have all built their careers entirely inside the firm, dealing mainly with food related issues already since the apprenticeship, making each partner an expert food lawyer.  

In our firm every issue and every client is dealt with by all partners working together as a team.  This type of teamwork is possible due to the team spirit that was built in decades of acquaintance and cooperation.  

Studio Legale Corte's team work allows all partners to confront each other continuously. This guarantees our clients a constant and unique level of legal assistance, which is the result of all of the combined experience and expertise gained throughout the long history of our firm.  

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